Eagle Electrical Group provides trained technicians to perform fully documented bench calibration, field calibrations, and all phases of start-up verification of instrument loops and process systems. All of our calibration and testing results are reviewed by qualified personnel for conformity to engineering, design and technical specifications. All calibration standards come with traceable certificates so that we can guarantee that your process with be operational to the highest level of accuracy. Our technicians are certified by an accredited outside source, such as ISA or EPRI.




Eagle Electrical Group provides complete installation services for any electrical, instrumentation and control portion of a construction project. Our estimators review each bid package and prepare a comprehensive estimate to determine the labor hours and material costs required to complete the scope of work. We then prepare a detailed proposal based upon this scope for submission to the customer. We will also be able to provide appropriate material and equipment information necessary to achieve the specified design criteria when required by bid specifications.


Upon award of a contract, Eagle will staff the job with a Project Manager who has the authority and knowledge to perform the functions necessary for the successful completion of the project. A Project Manager will bring the necessary support facilities and personnel as needed by the project.




We will work closely with our client to prepare preliminary concepts, cost estimates and schedules. System and equipment selection, equipment/instrumentation location, evaluation of space constraints, design and construction scheduling, and job tracking, as well as manpower leveling are all handled in accordance with customer requirements.


We will assist through the process of the conceptual design of your facility or project and can stay with you all the way up to and including validation and commissioning of your equipment. Our knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical process control industry and vast knowledge of electrical systems will be an asset.


                         - Correct Specification on Instrumentation

                        - Experienced with Maintenance Accessibility in Design

                        - Verification of Instrument Data Sheets

                        - Reviews of Submittals for Material Purchases

                        - Skid Design Assistance for Ease of Use and Maintenance










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